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Firewalk X 2

Firewalk X 2

Firewalk X 2 is a full featured firewall for Mac OS X. Offering flexible firewalling plus features such as restricting application connections and interactive, real-time alerts.
Flying Buttress

Flying Buttress

Flying Buttress more for users who need the advanced firewall configuration, logging, and IP sharing options:
- Firewall filters that include qualifiers on host or network addresses
- Firewall filters that operate on other than TCP or UDP protocols
- Firewall filters that include the whole range of ipfw qualifiers, such as IP options, ICMP types or TCP flags
The DoorStop X Firewall

The DoorStop X Firewall

* Easy-to-use main window with standard Mac OS X services built-in.
* All TCP services protected by default.
* Ability to tune protection on a service-by-service and address-by-address basis.
* Protect services by name or port number(s).
* Four protection modes: deny all, allow all, allow by address, deny by address.
* and much more
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